Tafraout, Morocco, 2020


While I'm writing these lines, I am sitting at the table in my Fiat Ducato Hymer Camp 55 from 1991.

The place I call home for over 4 years and where I drew my first map in 2020. When I got stuck during a surf trip together w my boyfriend and dog in Morocco during lockdown. For 3 long months. Since the military had blocked all roads, the oasis in the middle of the anti-atlas Mountains felt like an isolated island. Luckily I was surrounded by a small community of inspiring people with whom I went on countless adventures while sharing daily life.

It was a very special time for all of us to say the least. To give our collective memories a place, I decided to draw a map of the land and moments we explored together.

When I showed the finished map to the others,

I could tell that I created something meaningful.

Tafraout, Morocco, 2020

From than on, I continued drawing maps of places I travelled to and felt a special connection with. With each map, I got a deeper understanding of the process itself and how I could weave in, my forever existing curiosity in the local flora & fauna, forgotten history, strange stories + unheard wisdom.

Figueira da Foz, 2022

Tafraout, Morocco, 2020

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua, 2022 – Photo by Sonia Bocale Photography

This being said, the maps I draw are a very personal perception of a particular place. During my time of research I go on a lot of walks. I observe. I talk to people that know the area much better than me. I try to get a feel until all impressions become one and I begin to draw. First in pencil, than in ink.

My love for surfing brought me to most of these places and will lead me to the next ones.

I'm looking forward to keep exploring and drawing in my mobile home.

THANK YOU for your support!

xx, Jula